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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Will you make the leap of faith? Or will you sink, with the ship?

As we draw closer to the inevitable, engineered crash of the United States, and ultimately the world, I begin to wonder – will those who understand reality, actually be able to make the leap of faith?

The Ultra-Rich of the United States have already begun their mass exodus from the United States, fully understanding the situation that is about to present itself. Dr. Rima Laibow, the lady who first introduced the implications, of Codex Alimentarius, to the world at large, took off more than a year ago to begin a new life in South America. What do these people understand, that we do not?

Russian Roulette of the American Public

At this moment, we are involved in a massive game of Russian Roulette. Unfortunately, and unlike traditional Russian Roulette, we have multiple guns, all cocked, locked, and ready to turn our brains to mush.

- 600-1,500 trillion dollar derivatives bubble is waiting at this moment to end life as we know it. Due to the fact that the Derivatives bubble has been artificially manufactured thanks to the repeal of Glass Steagell – we all know that there is no stopping it. It's coming round the tracks, whether we will it, or not.
The growing housing collapse, for those who are unaware, and even prior to the recent mortgage-gate, repossessions were NOT being added to the market. This was because of the sheer magnitude of foreclosures, if they were all added to the market, the abundance of supply would crash the market instantly. So, in the best interest of the market, houses were held off the market to ensure the collapse didn't happen. Eventually, the housing market will collapse entirely.

- Inflation-nation. With quantitative easing, and the FED monetizing the debt, we are left in a situation where inflation is about to begin running rampant. The Derivatives bailouts (housing/banking) crisis of '08, now totals nearly 28 trillion. Bad news for you, is that you're entitled to exactly zero of that 28 trillion, since its entirely for the banks. While they reap the benefits of the cash, you'll be squashed by the inflation it creates. Of course then we have the foreign debt holders (who all refuse to buy our debt now), all holding a trillion each. Since they are unwilling to take a huge hit on their investment, they will wait till the final moment possible, and when one unloads, so will the rest, reigning in the almost instant destruction of the dollar.

- Job market collapse. This has been in the making for many decades, as the banking cartel and globalists have forced us into “globalization” and signed numerous free-trade agreements, but most notably, NAFTA, we have witnessed the destruction of American manufacturing and production. 1.2 billion American cell-phones were produced in the last year, not one was manufactured in the US, what does that tell you? This is by design. This is also why illegal immigrants are allowed to flood across the border, so that they can come and steal your jobs, and accept poor wages.

To illustrate just how 'manufactured' the influx of immigrants is, consider this. Prior to NAFTA, the American government understood that with just a 15% differential in pay rates between Canada and the United States, Canadian manufacturers decided to manufacture goods in the US to save that 15% on wages. Prior to NAFTA, there was a 7 times differential between average American workers, and average American workers, meaning that Americans made seven times more than Mexicans. So they knew full well, that if they opened the flood gates, a vacuum would occur drawing millions of Mexicans across the border to earn higher wages.

By February 2010, it was reported that more than 7.1 million jobs had been lost forever, since 2007. From CNN,

The government's current readings show that 4.8 million jobs were lost in those twelve months [April 2008-April 2009], more than twice the jobs lost during any comparable April-March period going back to 1939, when the numbers first started to be compiled.

Currently, as many as 10 million jobs may have been lost since the “economic downturn” began in 2007. As noted though, not only are there millions fewer jobs, but you're now competing with millions of illegal immigrants, who are willing to work for nothing and not complain. This is Amerika.

- Commercial Real-Estate Collapse. As we continue to shed millions of jobs, we have millions of foreclosures, and millions more relying on food stamps, and welfare. None of these people are supporting the consumerism based economy, and as the strain of this situation continues to pummel the consumerism based economy, we will begin to see an avalanche of commercial real-estate collapses. Once enough steam is gathered, an implosion of the market will soon follow – just like the consumer real-estate market.

- Coming oil inflation. With inflation, as well as real – or implied, scarcity, you had better get used to $150+ barrels of oil, and the resulting $5.00 a gallon fuel. This will bleed the final dollars out of the American public, destroy the transportation sector, and fuel the housing and commercial real-estate collapse. If war with Iran starts, you had better go load up on fuel because you'll likely never find it so cheap again, at least until the war is well and over, but at that point, who knows what will be left of the US.

Fraudulent, monolithic US debt. If you've missed the memo, the current US debt is exponentially larger than it was during the great depression. It cannot, and will not ever be paid off. This will end in the forfeiture of the United States to debt holders. If you “believe” you own your property, you're in for a rude awakening someday soon.

So really, after just scratching the surface, I have identified numerous guns waiting to blow our head into mulch. Derivatives, inflation, housing crash, Job losses, immigration influx, and of course, this is all assuming that World War 3 is not started in Iran, and that the Government doesn't decide to attack its own citizens again, with an event that makes 9/11 look like a warm-up.

The Illusion that makes us stay

What is it about the United States, that makes you want to stay, and live there? Is it the freedom? Can't be, because that's gone. Is it the personal rights? Can't be, because those are gone. Is it the abundant wealth, and well-paying, cushy jobs? Can't be, because those are gone. Is it the culture? Can't be, because culture has been entirely extinguished and replaced with teenie-bopper bullshit like American Idol, and 24 hour garbage reality-entertainment. Is it your pension and retirement? Can't be, because the government invested your entire retirement into toxic derivatives that the banks knew would fail, so they could bankrupt everyone.

If you haven't noticed

The United States that you grew up in, and love, is long gone. Soon enough, it will be so far gone, that you will be unable to recognize it, as it will appear foreign due to the massive changes that have taken place. Absolutely nothing you loved, is left. It's all been systematically destroyed or perverted, so that today, we are left with only ashes and rubble.

The American lifestyle

If you haven't noticed, the “American” life-style is nearly extinct, at least for the common man anyways. Today we have toxic water, toxic food, toxic air, no education system, exponentially expanding police-state, no economic opportunity, garbage health-care, criminal police, fraudulent banking system, the list almost never ends.

On top of all this, we have the locked and loaded guns waiting to drastically, and radically, change, life as we know it, in the United States, at literally any moment. Once those happen, who knows how far down the toilet the United States will go, I cannot speculate, I can only assume, it will be much worse than the shitty state of affairs that it is now.

The leap of faith, that may save your life

When does the time come, that one realizes, that hope is lost, and that the only option is to head for the exits? At what point, during the sinking of the Titanic, did people understand that there was no way to survive on the ship, and instead, went for the life-rafts? Once that realization comes to fruition, is there still time to run for the life rafts?

My point, is that if you wait until the plot accelerates, you may have no choice but to go down with the ship. Now, if you're ready to swim the frigid waters of the North Atlantic, then you may willingly choose to tough it out, and hope that the Titanic returns from the depths, re-emerges on the surface, and you can then continue your fantasy dream life. Unfortunately, the United States you know, is never coming back. Just like the Titanic, once it hits bottom, it's there to stay.

Considering exodus

First, lets identify the two primary driving factors which will dictate your ability to prosper during the times ahead,

1) Self-Sustainability. The more sustainable your life style is, the less dependent you are on others. If you rely on cheap fuel, and a stocked wal-mart shelf, then you are going to be screwed, the time for sugar-coating is over, you're screwed. If you cannot provide your own food, electricity, shelter, and protection. You may as well get down on your knees, and throw your head into the sand, cause you're fucked.

2) Proximity to ignorant, and lack of self-sustainable populations. This is going to be the real wild-card, destructive factor, that people fail to consider. It matters not, if you are 1000% self-dependent, if you're located just down the road from the millions of, unprepared, ignorant, masses. Looting will be common place. So you better have an arsenal if you're planning to tough it out in the burbs, or a city. Society is about to be hit by a freight train, and just because you avoid the smash of the train, does not mean everyone else will. In fact, it's guaranteed that the masses will march triumphantly off the cliff into the collapse. So the closer your proximity is to these masses, the harder life will be for you. Period.

There's nothing left to stay for, as highlighted above. Staying, could result in swimming with the fishys at the bottom of the ocean. So what are the barriers to exodus? First, coming to grips with the fact that nothing is left of the once proud nation, and what is left, will soon be gone, as the engineered destruction of the United States continues at a fevered pace.

One of the most common issues cited for staying, is the fact that money is scarce. This is because we are trained to understand money in terms of the US or Canada, where you cannot go and buy property for very cheap. And the cost of living is large. What most people fail to understand, is that even $500,000 is a massive amount of money pretty much anywhere else on the planet. If you can liquidate for anywhere near $250-$500k+, you could start a new life in a new country, and live like a king.

We all have grown attached to this life we have, but for what? When we really look around and consider our situations, what are we waiting for? Do we enjoy the rat race? Do we enjoy what our nations have become? Do we truly believe, things are going to miraculously get better? I don't think it was curiosity that killed the cat, I think it was merely naivety.

Imagine for a moment, if you and your family members all liquidated, took your few hundred thousand, or perhaps even much more, and moved to another country. You could purchase a chunk of land, and create a sustainable lifestyle, away from that of the toxic American lifestyle.

Could you imagine, not stressing about the rat-race?

Could you imagine, forgetting about the social chaos about to ensue?

Could you imagine, not having to ingest toxic food, and fluoridated, toxic water?

Could you imagine, not having a pile of monthly bills which strip every shred of your income before you can save a dollar?

Could you imagine, not having the Government and banks prying into every single aspect of your life, just waiting for a reason to destroy everything you love, and have worked so hard to attain?

Could you imagine, not living your life based on a clock, and the stress filled life that entails?

Besides, regardless of where you move to, you would still be able to retain all of the creature comforts you enjoy now. Internet and television via satellite, is available anywhere you go. Sure, you will lose the ability to stop off at wal-mart and buy a bunch of Chinese junk, and manufactured horse shit .. err I mean.. food. But, keep in mind, Americans are about to lose that luxury very soon as well, as the credit evaporates and China quits wasting their time shipping containers across an ocean, when their own middle-class is a growing consumer base.

So I ask, will you be able to make the leap of faith? Or will you proudly go down, with the ship?



  2. I wouldn't take the leap. It would get to annoying.

  3. Hmmm, I don't know =\ what would you do?