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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

answers to a blog from a fellow blogger

one person askefd if people believe any of this so idecide to answer.

- Government responsible for 9/11. yep in a nutshell. if they didnt do it themselves there sure set it up and let it happedn while they turned the other way. i mean they had all the answers in a few hrs and benifited from all the fallout from teh attack. just follow he money. guilty as hell

 - Diet soda/dietary supplements cause cancer diet drink contain aspertame. this is waste product made fro bioeningeered e coil. when heat inside the body it breaks down into 2 by products one which is fromyaldhyde. yeah i woundt drink this shit for anything.

 - Cell phones cause cancer  better question would be what doesnt cause cancer this days?

 - Vaccines cause autism. most vacines contain Thimerosal as a perserveative. which is about 50 percent mercury. one of the worst nuerotoxins. they dont say mad as a hatter fro nothing. they use to use mercury in the production of hats and it woudl drive people crazy. it can keel neurons on contact. so what happend which you pump this crap into a child who isnt even developed a immune system yet.

 - Obama not born in U.S. the most damming evedience for this is in 1990 obama visted pakistan when it was illegal for americans to do so. so what passport did he used to get into the country?

 - Circumcision reduces sensitivity and pleasure. removeing nerves i am sure lowers sensitiviy i am sure but it stiil functions the same.- The world will end in 2012. 2012 is the end of a cycle not eh end of the world. now it is beleive to have effect on teh people in becoming more spirtual aware. some of the end of teh world stuff is coming fomr people who liek to see books like y2k. the othre thing is the timewave threoy wher it shows it bottoming out which usauuly lead a big change in perceptions. the other side of the coin is the poepl who say the mayans where trying to warn of the next pole reversal. of all of them that is the only one to be concerned with and has sicintific data of happenin in the past

 - Gum stays in your body for years no lol

 - Women's sex drive isn't as high as men's  yeah right next

 - Illuminati/Freemasons  just another arm of control. most are mislead teh few worthy to ascedn are mentered and moved up
- ADD isnt a real disease the symptons of add are real but most are grouped with people who just dotn want to pay attetion or are just stupid. someone who truley has problems keeping focused wil usually feel bad about and want to get better and wont act liek a asss about it. the rest threw in your face use it as a excuse fro everything and genraly do stupid shit and blame it on add. liek some one i know who bragged about it and would d shit to get attetion liek pourign a whole bowl of surger into a bowl of ceral.

 - Depression isnt a real disease. not a disease but a real condition that can lead to helth problems and real disease from a weaked immune system if left unchecked.

 - We only invaded Iraq for oil.  not only but thta coudl be a bonus of it, most of the middel east resiste western influance and this was the first strike intil spreading empire to the middle east. haliiburton in charge. jus want in a few years there will be mcdonalds adn wensdys adn all tthe othre shit there expandign markets you know


  1. this was from my blog. thanks for answering the questions :D

  2. governament responsable for 9/11 we all know that :D
    anyway diet soda cause cancer O.o wtf

  3. Answered too but in the comments ^^

  4. Nooooo I like diet soda. :( I am relieve about the gum fact though. whew

  5. The people shouldn't fear their government, rather the government should be in fear of its people.

  6. wow, thanks for taking the time to answer these

  7. I agree with all of these. I just read that post too, I can't remember whose it was now though. I picked diet soda, cell phone cancer, and obama.

  8. thanks for taking the time to do this