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Monday, November 8, 2010

dante's inferno

been playing catch up on some games i missed when they first came out. i love any games that deal with hell, demons, afterlife, god and angels and what not. so i just beat dantes inferno twice and got 920 out of a 1000 of the points not too bad, need a guide to get all of  the judus coins. so first a bit shout out of fuck you goes out to EA. really does madden make that fucking much that you can  put out unfinished shit like this and not go broke? i mean the def jam rap fight game did so shitty they shut done that branch of the company. this should probley follow suite. now there are some good things in this game. if you like devil may cry and god of war this is right up your alley. as all fucking ideas where stolen from  those games anyway and this was made just to cash in on that market and destroy some poor souls good idea for a game in the process of cashing in. hell it even has the foutians. and if you play it above classic on the first play thru it wil crush your soul also. def made for after you have leveled up. now i love a good challenge esp if you have to think about it and look for unique ways to do things. but on the higher hard levels it isnt that kind of challenge. i have dante leveled up as full as i can on both holy and unholy and if you put it on inferno, like it says you truly are dammed. two hits from any of the sword carrying demons wil pretty much wipe you out. now thats was the fun part. now on to the shit. once again for the love of god (or lucifer) why do they keep putting jumping bullshit in a 3d game where you have no control of the camera? that 3 strikes right there but i will continue. and ledges are so inconsistant. some you can fall off, some you cant. and some you just fucking fall thru for no reason whats so ever. i actully had to reset the game a few times when i  got wedged in a cornor and fell thru the level on woods of suicide and the adomable sands. i fell thru many platforms when trying to jump. and if you cant see the floor and you jump you will most always die. unless there is lava or molten gold then you will fall into that and die fun woooo weeee.hope you saved. you can tell what the best ideas were for the game as there are some really cool wow moments. such as on charons boat, fighting cleopatra in the tower of lust and fighting thru to the city of dis rideing on Phlegyas. but then there is the shit layers you can tell they had to use to tie it all togather. such as ther seems to be just place holder staues everywhere like they were going to add cool scenes of peeople being tormented and then ran out of time. and the level where you had to backtrack really felt out of place like they couldn't think of a cool boss to put there and had to progress the story line with out adding too much cost and time in develoment. and the last level is pure shit. spolier. all you have to do is climb down fight a few demons cross a ice bridge that is breaking awasy and then you are at either satan or lucifer. i am not sure which and i dont think EA was either. as all thru the game lucifer was a shadow being then all of a sudden he was trapped in a giant deamon prison., and then when he escapes, its not even the same being as ealier. so i have to say the end was satan, and lucifer was the one flying around at the start of the game. any way game sucks ass but in a loveable controller smashing kind of way. play it on classic enjoy it and get you same achivement points but dont even think of turning the level up unless you like pain and, i guess in that way, it lives up to its name of going to hell.