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Friday, October 15, 2010

Wait, So The RIAA Is Offended That Google Won't Do Work For Free?

The RIAA and the IFPI have been going on and on for years about just how ridiculous it is for people to suggest music should be "free." They will go on, at great length, to talk up the "value" of music and how it should be paid for. But, apparently, they don't think that applies to anyone else. They're apparently screaming angry at Google because Google (gasp) responded to their request to provide them tools to help them track down unauthorized copies, by quoting their standard prices for how much it costs to use Google's API. So, RIAA, please explain: why is it sacrilege for you to demand people pay up, but it's even worse if Google asks you to pay to use its resources?


  1. Of course they are, they're the fucking RIAA! "Logic be damned, we want our shit done for free! I mean Google has enough money, we shouldn't have to pay!" I can almost see them jumping up and down on their desks like spoiled children...oh dear i'm getting myself worked up.


  2. When is the RIAA going to finally figure out that no one gives a shit what they think?