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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Devil Baby

dicided i woudl post any good stories i read for halloween. know any good ones send me a link and also if anybody woudl liek movei reviews let me know.

Devil Baby
by E. Alvarez
About eight years ago, I was at the end of my first marriage. This man was very abusive to our children and me. He got this way our last few months together as a family. The drinking and the beatings were getting out of hand, so I knew I had leave and save our children from a terrible fate.
I will never forget, it was on a cold crisp Friday night during the first week of November. I was counting the days until my children and I went home to my mother's, just four more days. My ex had just arrived home from work, and was preparing to leave on a night out with his friends. That night before he left, he made sure to punch me around a little before his buddy would come pick him up. Just then we heard someone honking outside; that was his cue to leave. He told me that if I screwed up in any way by the time he got home, he would make sure that he would beat me down to hell. He said it in such an evil way that it sent a cold rush down my spine.
All I knew was that he was gone for a few hours and I would have enough time to figure out how I would leave, and to make sure he had not found my secret spot where I hid the money I had been saving up to leave.
I went upstairs to make sure the children were tucked in and asleep, and they were all sound asleep. Walking down the hall, I noticed a window open I had forgotten to close. As I got closer, I noticed something small move right across the window. It scared me at first. I thought maybe it was my imagination, so I went ahead and shut the window. As I was walking downstairs I heard something moving around outside. I stood still for a moment shrugged it off and got downstairs to the den.
I started calculating all of the expenses we would have for our journey across Texas, when all of the sudden I heard what seemed to be an infant baby crying. It scared the daylights out of me, especially knowing none of my neighbors had newborn children, and because everyone's houses were pretty far apart. I got up and started lowering some of the blinds that were still up. Just then it occurred to me that maybe it was my ex and his friends playing a joke outside, so I grabbed a flashlight and went outside. I went around the house, but found nothing or no one. I went inside immediately because the whole time it felt like I was being watched by something.
I got inside and locked the door behind me. I looked up at the clock to see that it was close to midnight so I decided to finish up with my escape plan and then watch some TV. About 30 minutes later, I finally sat down to watch TV and relax a little before going to bed. Just then, I heard someone ringing the doorbell and banging on the front door. I knew who that was.
As I opened the door, I saw my ex standing there all out of breath and pale. He had some scrapes on his face and hands. All I could see was the cold air coming in and out of his mouth as he tried to catch his breath. I started to ask him what was wrong. All of a sudden, he looked behind him. He let out this horrific loud cry, pushed me aside so he could get in to lock the door behind him. I followed him all around the house, asking him what had happened. He never said one word. He just went upstairs to the master bathroom, sat on the floor where he continued to shake vigorously with fear.
As he sat there, I continued to examine the cuts and scrapes all over his hands, knees and elbows. He had mud all over his shoes and clothes, and grass stains on his jeans. I got up and started to get a washcloth when he grabbed me by wrist and pulled me down until I was sitting right in front of him.
He began by telling me that his friends had left the bar before he did, and that when he decided to walk home. He took a short cut across the old wooden bridge by Whispering Creek. When all of a sudden he felt a cold rush of air, and then everything went dead silent. As he got to the middle of the bridge, he said he heard the cries of a newborn. He said it startled him because there are no homes anywhere near that bridge. As he looked over the bridge, he said he saw a small white blanket with something moving around in it. That's when heard the baby cry again.
Very quickly, he ran down the hill by the bridge to grab this abandoned baby. He said he bent over to get the baby. As he was holding it, he said he pulled the blanket from its head and said the baby couldn't have been more than a week old. He said that just then the baby stopped crying and opened its eyes. This is when my ex started shaking even more. What he told me after this will haunt my mind for the rest of my life.
He said that the baby's eyes were pitch black with no white nowhere around them. He said that's when the baby looked directly at him and said with a deep demonic voice, "Look, daddy, I have teeth" as it was pointing at these very pointy teeth. My ex said that he froze as that thing began to laugh a very demonic laugh. My ex said he dropped that thing and ran out of that ditch where he proceeded to run home as fast as he could, falling and tripping.
He said that that thing followed him home, jumping from tree to tree, laughing at him and calling him a bad daddy. My ex told me as he was standing on the porch banging on our front door that the demon baby was perched in our front tree holding on to a branch with one hand and putting his finger over his lips saying, "Shh."
I told my mother about this when my children and I arrived there. She said that only a man who abuses his children and wife is a man that has the devil in him. My mother said that the devil baby my ex had encountered was real, and that it was a symbol of who he himself had become. My mother continued to tell me that the reason I heard that thing outside was probably so I would know later that my ex's encounter was all true. My children and I have not had contact with him until this day... and none of us seem to mind.