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Monday, September 27, 2010

what does it mean and fuck rainbows

so what does it all mean and where is it going. for fucks sake the government is spending more money then it makes in a year. they keep bailing out everybody, banks credit unions wall street. but yet the banks refuse to lend money to the small business that need it to grow. that is what end a recession fresh new blood spending money and hiring workers who then can get  a wage, that is what ends a depression. not big business.  i mean hell where are they going to put any more walmart and box stores? walmart has got so stores now that when they build a new one sales go down from the ones around it because people go to the closer one and the sales stay the same lol. how many burger kings and car lots do we need.? small business build everything, that is where it all starts. with out it only the biggest survive and as business go under people have no jobs and they spend even less money. the spiral repeats, feeding on it self. and what do banks do when people try to take a risk and start a business or keep one going. they say no. even after being flush with cash from the bail outs they are hoarding it harder then the people on a&e could ever dream.  one man showed his frustation today by bricking up he front of the bank. figured they deserve to have a taste of the brick wall treatment there giving to everybody else. i am sure they will probley arrest him and charge him for such rabble rouseing lol. on some trumped up charges to make a example out of him. common folks should know there place lol. i mean banks just destroy people lives and the lives of others yet you are supposed to just take it. god forbid you raise your voice or make a scene as they put you in he poor house. you might distrurb the rich people so what is it going to take before banks open there vaults and let the money flow and the people turn it around or is the the big crash they have been talking about for years finally getting ready to unfold like a train wreck in slow motion.?


  1. Hey man I liked the read; however, there are quite a few spelling errors in it, you might want to proof read it, good stuff though!

  2. i agree the government is one big mess right now and i hope soon something will be done.