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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

for anybody interested in seeing who ther govenment serves

her ae some videos for those of us who feel the goverments of  the world are putting togather a n.w.o and prety much serve lucifer. you can serch for them on you
i am useing this list so you can save it for later if you want instead of links

1. “Lucifer Rising”. Its a 10 part series pretty well put together.
2. Roger Mornea “A trip to the supernatural”
3. John Todd Demons in Music
4. The Satanic Empire Exposed
5. 2pac: Killuminati exposing Illuminati
6. Professor Griff – Blood Sacrifice
7. The Satanic Empire exposed
8. They sold their soul for music
9. The Arrivals
Then go to and check out some of the analysis on the music videos by Rihanna and Jay Z


  1. Although would the establishment of a world order be such a bad thing? The human race needs to unify if we ever want to even think of colonizing our solar system, let alone others