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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Odds of Life on Newfound Earth-Size Planet '100 Percent

An Earth-size planet has been spotted orbiting a nearby star at a distance that would makes it not too hot and not too cold comfortable enough for life to exist, researchers announced today (Sept. 29).
If confirmed, the exoplanet, named Gliese 581g,  would be the first Earth-like world found residing in a star's habitable zone a region where a planet's temperature could sustain liquid water on its surface.

wow if there is anything to this i am sure the story will be buried just liek back in the 80s they found a new planet in our solor system and that was he last i heard of that.


  1. i heard about this and was going to blog about it. that would be awesome if they found life or even water on that planet.

  2. that was quite a read mister

  3. yay new life forms, proabably some deadly bacteria

  4. yah for bacteria. woo hoo it wil be liek war of the worlds